interlude x1


The server will immerse you in the wonderful time from which it all began. You will enjoy playing with friends and allies on the legendary chronicles of Lineage 2 Interlude.


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General provisions.

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Identification of the party within the framework of agreements and contracts with the Site Administration;
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Conducting statistical and other research based on anonymized data.
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The user has expressed his consent to such actions;
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In order to ensure the possibility of protecting the rights and legitimate interests of the Site Administration or third parties in cases where the User violates the User Agreement.
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The procedure for putting into effect and changing the Policy.
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Composition of personal data.

Personal data of Users includes those provided by Users and the minimum required for registration on the Site.


Westminster Bridge Road, 200, London

Hardcore rates, gradual development and no concessions.
We show zero tolerance for those who use prohibited software.
No advantage by donating to the server, everything must be done by yourself.
No window supports, only live online - no additional windows.
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Description of Interlude x1 server

Server opening on January 14th.

The situation in the world is heating up more and more, analyzing the market, we cannot remain indifferent to players who want to plunge into the world of nostalgia on their favorite Interlude chronicles, with the option of choosing Classic and Interlude clients! We will have to take the strictest measures. Are you ready? By creating this server, we have placed maximum emphasis on returning to you those emotions, "as once", a server without "invited" clans, a store, a donation and other rubbish, only you, a cat, a mug of tea and our favorite game! Lets go!

description of the server:

Basic information:

Rates: Exp/Sp/Adena: x1 | Drop/Spoil/Quest: x1

Rewards for voting in ratings (command .vote).

Newbie Buff up to level 24 inclusive.

Offline trading (command .offline).

No auto-loot, all loot must be collected by hands.

The best protection against cheats and bots. Yes, we do not allow bots or third party software.

No Dualbox.

With Frenzy/Guts/Zealot spear wraps around 3 targets.

Manor is completely disabled.

  • Enabled system for accruing income in the form of percentages from adena farm in castle locations: about once every few hours, the castle treasury is automatically replenished depending on the total amount of adena dropped out by players from monsters in the territories belonging to your castle.


The game is launched from the system folder l2.exe file
Please note that there may be differences with Interlude on the Classic client.
For all inconsistencies, please refer to the Technical Section
The current version of the files was updated: 23/03/2023 at 23:00 UTC +3

classic client

interlude client


Unpack the contents of the archive with the replacement of the proposed files in the game folder.

classic patch

interlude patch


Place the updater in the game folder. Choose the right chronicles and check.